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Engineer Your Dream

Welcome. Engineer Your Dream is my platform to launch the products I develop and empower, inspire and connect with entrepreneurial engineers, mission driven product developers and world travelers who are committed to living their Purpose and their Dreams.

Josh Adams
Engineer. Entrepreneur. Adventurer.

Engineer Your Dream


Check out our project logs as we go through design, R&D, additive manufacturing, CAD, 3D scanning, prototyping & testing with marketing, manufacturing & distribution in mind.


A growing set of articles written to help entrepreneurial product developers integrate lifestyle design and the business of designing, prototyping, validating, manufacturing, marketing & launching a new product.

Collaboration, Coaching & Consulting

Reach out if you’d like to participate in a project on this site, or to inquire about my entrepreneurial coaching and design engineering services.

Artisan Backpack

Featured Project

A pack for the modern minimalist with craftsman style

Check out our progress