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Artisan Backpack

A pack for the modern minimalist with craftsman style.

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Music Video Production

Record a rich, emotive performance of Lynn O’Brien’s “How Can I Give My Love Away”

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We Reach Space

We Reach Space is creating an affordable, controllable micro-craft for near space deployment. First step: the stratosphere. Next step: Earth orbit. Final step: the moon!

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Backpocket Inspiration

A small book packed with Pictures, Stories, Quotes, Encouragement, Nature, Reality & Go For It! Dedicated to those not meant for a 9-5.

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Flower Hydro

Flower Hydro is a deep water hydroponic growing system with automated nutrient dosing. Josh flew to Colorado for an intensive 4 day design review of the product with Flower Hydro’s design team. By focusing on customer needs, structural design, design for manufacturing, and distribution planning they achieved a feasible gen 2 prototype design by improving cost and durability of the system.

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Space Centers

This unique offering through More Belief in Downtown Minneapolis is still classified, but has personal and social promise.

Teaser: this human focused design project will create useful, nourishing and likely multi functional spaces to homeless people and cubicle workers!

We’ll post more here as it develops.

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