December 14th, 2017
What are we doing?

img_20130407_184109The story began in 2014 when Josh designed and built a compact wood and leather backpack that would protect his laptop and daily carries in comfort and style. The goal was to experiment, and blend the product design philosophies he was learning in school with the craftsmanship he learned in his father’s wood shop.

In the 3 years since, he’s used it regularly for school, work, and even a few multi-day trips. Seeing an opportunity for additional functionality, Josh, with help from a friend, prototyped a minimalist tablet case with 3D printableWhat Rhymes with Tablet v2 pockets. The initial creative process and ongoing testing has uncovered the backpacks strengths (unique style, durability, natural materials) and weaknesses (weight, lack of pockets/internal organizers, lack of expandability for overnight trips).

Through this process, and conversations with hundreds of people asking about the pack, came this Artisan Backpack project. We want other people to experience the same journey Josh did with his original creation. We’re starting from scratch, and intend to design, manufacture, and bring to market a backpack using your input along the way. We’re looking to do this in a couple phases.

Phase 1: Initial Planning, Product Redesign and Prototyping

Sketch and scale model of new packFor the next couple months, we’ll share sketches, images and clips of prototypes and scale models as we make them! We’ll also discuss the core philosophies we are building into this pack, and the specific use cases we are building it for. You’ll be privy to our conversations as we nail down the design elements we want to test and prototype. During this phase, we hope that you’ll get in touch, give us feedback, and tell us what matters to you most.

No really, email us, call us, comment on a social media post, send us a DM, hire a sky writer, shoot us a telegram…Whatever it takes!

We’ll be listening and carefully considering all your feedback as we work to create a product that exceeds your expectations.


Phase 2: Sustainable Sourcing, Design Refinement & Production Planning

This is where things will really heat up! Once we have had a couple months of research, development and testing we’ll have established a solid design envelope and aesthetic style. Hopefully we’ll have already met with some sustainable, local sources for the wood, leather, and other inputs the pack will require—perhaps you know a farmer, tanner, or timber mill we should visit!

As with the planning and initial design stage, we’ll rely on your input. We’ll continue to update you with new write-ups, videos, and other media to keep you in the know as we finalize the design, and source inputs that will make us feel proud to wear this urban adventure gear!

Once we have a final product we’re satisfied with, we’ll take it to market. Our hope is to have a backpack our network of contributors will love, ready to launch in Summer of 2018. As it stands, we’re planning on launching the backpack through kickstarter to help fund the manufacturing and distribution, but will look for additional distribution channels as we go.

We hope you’re as excited about this process as we are. This is a somewhat unusual approach to product development, and we’re trying it because we think it will yield a more beautiful, effective and well suited product. If you like the idea of collaborating on the project, get in touch. In addition to signing up to receive updates from Engineer Your Dream, we’d love to get your feedback every step of the way as your contributions are essential for shaping the final product design. We’d like this to be a journey for everyone involved, and hope you’ll join us!